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Steel Snare Drum Black Metal-Nickel Peace SD-512

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3.5”x13” Black Nickel Piccolo Snare Though its piccolo dimensions might suggest otherwise, the SD-512 reaches well beyond the realm of a normal 13” drum. The black chrome plating helps increase the overall volume and sensitivity of the 1.5mm shell, delivering sizzling POP that is sure to please. Foundry Series Batterie Custom Cast Steel Snare Drums Stainless Steel is the latest material to get the Custom Cast treatment. Sure, they are milled using the same computer controlled lathing process as our regular Custom Cast snares to these shells. Featuring our Deus tube lugs, diecast hoops, and an unlatched center section for the right touch of restraint, the 5mm cast shells on these drums deliver ultimate cut without sacrificing sensitivity.


  • 13"x3,5" Brass shell coated with Ravenplate finishes
  • 2,3mm Triple flange Hoops
  • 8 DEUS Microtube Lugs
  • Peace Heads


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