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Soundsation FV100-LS Volume Pedal

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CONTROL series pedal has been coinceived to perform precise control and confortable use due to their slip proof large footboard. Soundsation FV100-LS has been designed for guitar players and it's useful to control stereo effects or multieffects pedals. The side pot can be used to set the minimum volume. A must-have to enrich your expression possibilities and control over your sound.


  • Stereo volume pedal for guitars or other string instruments
  • Large footboard inslip proof ABS material for confortable and precise control
  • Two jack 6,3 mono input
  • Two jack 6,3 mono output
  • Two 100K ohm potentiometers
  • 100K ohm side pot for minimum volume settings
  • It can be used as mono pedal


Dimensions (L x D x H): 197 x 840 x 45 mm


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